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The Preschool Box

$42.95 - $93.95

Monthly Preschool Activities. Fun learning for young minds.
Lil Readers Book Club

$42.95 - $56.95

Receive 3 themed books, related educational crafts, activities, and more every month!


The activities are straight forward for both kiddies and adults, engaging, support various different learning styles and no doubt will provide hours of fun even after the "lessons" are complete. My kids wont even realize they are learning!! Thank you Preschool Box for giving me the tools and confidence I need to teach my girls.

- Courtney K.

My daughter is 4 and has struggled with a significant speech delay so we do all we can to supplement her at home with educational activities. The Preschool Box has been amazing - it's well organized, has high quality materials and engaging activities that she just LOVES.

- Melanie C.

My 3 girls love this surprise every month! I love the creative activities that I could have never thought up myself. I can just see a big improvement everytime we complete a project together. LOVE IT!

- Amanda S.

My daughter loves getting to play "school" with me and has been especially engaged with all the sorting activities. Thank you preschool box! You make my sweet girl's day every time we open it up!

- Rachel G.

Thank you for this wonderful subscription box. You have helped me spent quality time with my daughter. The box is full of wonderful crafts, amazing curriculum. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

- Kiriaki P.

We have been searching for something to help us at home to be on track with most other kids his age and this box is absolutely perfect! We are very happy! I love that it comes with a brochure for parents to assist in the learning experience. Thank you to those that put hard work and effort in to creating such an awesome tool for parents like myself!

- Alyssa M.