The Preschool Box is now a part of Subscription Box Kids!

What is the Preschool Box?

The Preschool box is a monthly subscription that teaches your preschooler basic reading and math skills to help prepare them for elementary school.

What ages is it for?

The Preschool box is designed for preschoolers aged 3-6. Activities are designed for parents to be involved as much or as little as they see fit for the age and maturity of their child.

What materials will I need to purchase myself?

The box will include pretty much everything you will need to complete the different activities and crafts, minus a few basic supplies that you may already have laying around your home. These basic materials include glue, scissors, tape, crayons, pencils, and markers.

How does it work?

Once you subscribe, you will be sent a box once a month that contains a set of learning objectives along with activities that go along with them. The activities are broken up into four week increments with focus objectives for each week. Easy instructions are included for each activity and craft that you will find in the box. There is a total of 12 boxes and each box builds on concepts from previous boxes. Every box has a minimum of 16 activities. You can subscribe one month at a time, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. The 12th box is our graduation box which includes fun activities and a graduation cap and certificate for your child!

How much does it cost?

The box costs $32.95 if you pay month-to-month, or as low as $29.16 a month if you prepay for a year.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

It's easy! Just login to your customer account, from there you can manage all of your information and cancel your subscription at any time. FYI, we ship on the 5th of the month and rebill on the 15th. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time - meaning we will cancel the next automatic renewal of the subscription. We will continue to ship all the boxes that you've already paid for. We can offer a refund to prepaid customers (3 month and 12 month) if you cancel within one month of placing your order. To request a refund (with a full refund if we haven't shipped a box yet; or a refund minus the cost of one box if you're received one), please contact [email protected].

Why The Preschool Box?

The Preschool Box has been created and designed by a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. The objectives taught in the box are concepts that are taught in kindergarten but have also been adapted for the use of preschool children as well. The Preschool Box has tons of fun educational activities and crafts that are designed to engage and excite your child about learning.

How can I contact you?

Just e-mail us!

[email protected]


Join our 1-year program

Our content is designed as a monthly subscription, and on your twelfth box your student receives a fun graduation box! Choose the plan that’s best for you.

We create the curriculum

Our team creates engaging curriculum for your preschooler using best practices learned from years of teaching and optimized for fun!

Learn & enjoy together!

Check your mailbox! Your first box will ship around the 6th of the month.